Fully Responsible

AG Vision Construction, we strive to constantly update our policies and corporate activities, asserting our commitment to the global principles of Corporate Social Responsibility within our industry.

AG Vision Construction’s objective is to develop activities based on our sense of responsibility towards the communities we access, and to continue to contribute to society by adding and giving back value where it is most needed.

AG Vision Construction shall uphold the principles of fairness and sincerity and operate with the utmost respect for corporate ethics in the international market, which encompasses diverse cultures, ethnicities, and legal systems; and we will make every effort to promote sound business manners amongst our partners. AG Vision Construction shall strive to participate in the development of vibrant societies by guaranteeing the safety and high quality of our products and services through practices based on first-rate research and technology; and we intend to prove that by a high allocation of social development projects:

– Schools – construction of classroom blocks and extensions to existing structures in rural and remote villages; in addition to complementing the government’s efforts in improving the quality of learning and education, namely in Adamawa State, Nigeria and in Beirut, Lebanon.

– Health care facilities and hospitals – establishment of primary health care centers that serve basic needs of the target community [e.g. Beirut]; paired with our corporate citizen activities in the distribution of medication intended to curb the menace of diseased such as malaria.

– Water dams and other water-access projects – drilling of water boreholes in strategic locations in host communities in an effort geared towards improving sanitary conditions in Akwa Ibom State and Katsina State, Nigeria.

– AG Vision Construction’s Environmental Awareness Policy aims at minimizing the environmental effects of operational sites on their surroundings, and at continuously utilizing adequate resources in upgrading of our processing methods and waste management systems towards healthier norms.

– All of the executives, employees, and laborers at AG Vision Construction recognize Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential component of sustainable business development especially in the field of public works.

Wherever we go, AG Vision shall strive to promote community involvement through local recruitment, creating a motivating work atmosphere for all of its employees, and on every project; by supplying its team with prime training programs especially targeted at the youth for developing their technical capabilities.

In its commitment to its stakeholders, AG Vision Construction upholds the industry’s best practices related to communicating adequate disclosure and technical/financial transparency.