Construction Services

Turner Workshop

Cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshafts inspection, reconditioning and resizing, General fabrication such as drilling, milling, threading and cutting Etc…

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Land Development & General Contracting

AG Vision Construction aspires to be your all-inclusive solution for A-to-Z services in land development, form project’s planning phases, and all the way to design and execution.

From residential, to commercial, industrial, and infrastructural projects, we offer to fulfill all engineering assignments; provide all necessary utilities; and execute according to our in-house customized models, or as required by external consultants appointed by the client.

AG Vision Construction is committed to providing the highest degrees of quality and precision on each job it undertakes, and in every market it reaches. And, our track record shows a diverse range of projects, delivering full-fledged construction services to innovative projects in each of the public and the private sectors.

AG Vision Construction is also there to help you solve your most sophisticated needs for existing structures in need of full or partial restoration work; guaranteed to be accomplished with minimal intrusion, practical timelines, and most importantly efficient costs.

We strategically manage our resources for every particular project – comprising everything from labor force to materials and equipment needs – in cost-efficient manners that invariably aim at maximizing the customer’s perceived added value.

Civil Work, Design, & Studies

AG Vision Construction puts its expertise in civil engineering at the client’s disposal, covering all facets of construction design and modeling; conducting analytical feasibility studies on one hand, and undertaking the entire task of project execution on the other.

Our reputation is built on proven records of high-quality finished products, ability to meet time constraints, and our keen eye for attention on both the inside and the outside of our developments.

From a project’s outset and up until closeout, AG Vision Construction’s administrative, executive and operational functions are pragmatically centralized such that the integrity of information is preserved across the value chain, hence safeguarding the end product’s quality.

Our portfolio of projects reflects our extensive experience in modular construction projects across geographic markets, including completed residential, commercial, and public structures…

– Private Houses, Villas, Apartment Buildings
– Office Buildings, Corporate Quarters
– Malls and Commercial Centers
– Wellness and Leisure Resorts
– Sports Stadiums, Playgrounds
– Hospitals
– Airport Terminals
– Educational Centers and Institutions
– Religious Quarters

Delivered as comprehensive turnkey projects comprising:

– Complete framework Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning [aka HVAC] planning and implementation

– Versatile lighting design

– Flooring work; i.e. parquets and/or tiling

– Complete procurement and accessorizing services for specialized facilities; i.e. indoor sports centers

Complementary Services

Asphalt Plants

we are also involved in the processing and manufacturing processes of asphalt and other forms of coated road stone, geared with facilities and equipment having highly sophisticated control systems such as the Parker 120 Super Mobile.


this ensemble of high-end machinery specializes in reducing large rock formations into gravel and/or rock dust. We have adopted the most advanced, most technologically enhanced innovations on this age-old technique, with substantially increased volume capacities and a reduced timeframe. For example, we put at our clients’ disposal top-tier cone crushers such as the Lokomo G1810 and the Baioni SP 200.

Batching Plants

His state-of-the-art facility allows us to produce various kinds of concrete by combining the necessary inputs through computer-aided control, allowing us fast, accurate measurement of constituents; all while ensuring the utmost safety measures throughout the operation.

Piling Work

we offer a complete pile driving service, supplying the right equipment according to the optimal needs of each individual project we undertake; mobilizing heavy-duty machinery such as the Bauer 3250TS.

We also conduct geological studies, ground consistency tests, and pre-planning services preceding the piling process.