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130 Years OFSuccessWork

Letter From CEO.

For over a century, the Abou Ghazaleh family legacy in the construction business has been a success story in the making. And today, AG Vision Construction is a living testimony to this success, which has been achieved thanks to the solid relationships we continue to maintain and develop with our team, clients, and partners across the value chain. Four generations ago, Daher Abou Ghazaleh envisioned providing unique construction services by pioneering the import of cement to his homeland, Lebanon, marking an historic shift in the construction industry in the country; and this vision for innovation is as eminent in our business model today as it was then. Therefore, we continue to seek uniqueness in all of our ventures through AG Vision’s expansive operations, which span a diverse line of construction, engineering, and consultancy services across a number of markets in the Middle East and Africa. With a long track record in Nigeria, one of our major focus markets where AG Vision CO is seen as the best construction company, we have successfully and sustainably secured the financial and technical backing of multiple international players, from contractors to other bespoke service providers, who have in turn allowed us to take the lead on large-scale infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, dams, industrial parks, etc. As such, we share and support the Federal Government’s vision to develop the nation, open it up to the possibilities of reaching its full economic potential, and hence empower its people to achieve better living standards. Moreover, this is a vision we aim to bring to life in every market where AG Vision Construction operates, and in every market we aspire to enter over the longer term. Furthermore, for the purpose of concretizing our commitment to sustainability, AG Vision Co aims to be soon launching a Sustainability Program in order to support and assess the company’s practices with respect to its mission. This Program shall help us implement a number of practices throughout our operations that embrace sustainability while supporting the business in delivering outstanding results to our clients, emphasizing safety across all levels of service execution, and maintaining solid financial performance. These practices include – but are not limited to – the strict abidance to jobsite safety measures which eventually allow us to reduce the degree of cost pass-through to our clients, the initiation of voluntary recycling programs in our administrative and operational facilities, and the promotion of technologies that raise our clients’ awareness towards saving water and energy. Corporate ethics and compliance are also at the core of our company and we will continue to ensure our staff abide by global norms, while developing a transparent and equitable work environment. Today, it is our promise to all of our contributors, as well as to the community, that we shall strive to uphold these core values at the forefront of every endeavor; and this will evidently materialize since all of us at AG Vision Construction have taken an active, enthusiastic role towards making it happen. Thank you for your continuous support. Faithfully yours, Tony Abou Ghazaleh President & CEO
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Our History

What makes us Nigerian?

For over a decade now, we have undertaken Construction and Development operations across several regions in Nigeria, one of the world’s fastest-growing frontier economies, and Africa’s leading oil producer. The Nigerian market has presented us with a diversity of investment opportunities that have strengthened our sense of commitment and contribution.

Abou Ghazaleh Contracting Nigeria Ltd was incorporated in 2002, launching its first project in the central state of Kogi, the capital of which holds the confluence of Nigeria’s famous Niger and Benue rivers. 2006 marked our first major project in Kogi State, undertaking the full-fledged construction phases of two main city bridges.

AG Vision Construction Nigeria Ltd was incorporated in 2007; and its first major engineering project comprised the complete setup of a 40-km highway stretch, with 3 bridges built in Adamawa State. By 2008, AG Vision Construction Nigeria Ltd was operating in 8 different Nigerian states, namely Kogi, Adamawa, Cross River, Benue, Anambra, Abia, Imo, and Katsina. In 2009, our portfolio involved building a road network of 300 km spanning the entirety of the Nigerian territory, in addition to projects related to building construction, water dams, water purification stations, irrigation projects, and soil erosion control.


Work Process



People with ideas and experience to develop a vision for the future


The right tools with the right plan ensures construction completion within timeline and budget


Construction complete and ready to be launched with full customer statisfaction

Why do clients trust us?

Throughout our experience on local and international markets, we have identified a set of key success factors, which we strongly believe have enabled AG Vision Construction to be a leader in the construction industry:

  • Customer-Oriented Workforce
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Delivery of Quality End Products
  • Value for Money

Our experienced consultants and engineers work closely with the client and the designers during the planning and development phases of every project in order to ensure the delivery of high-standard workmanship, and the alignment of results with initial requirements.

We place great emphasis on providing our customers with the best that modern technology has to offer in the world of efficient construction materials, energy conservation, and other aspects of any project; and on sourcing the most reliable equipment that could cope with virtually any potential contingency during the course of any operation.

By promoting the company’s core values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment, we have been able to consistently deliver finished projects with the utmost degree of interior and exterior quality – regardless the type or purpose of the particular project, we see quality as an unwavering commitment.

Same as in the private sector, AG Vision Construction has a remarkable track record in successful public-project bids, where it has recurrently gained governmental concessions for major infrastructural work, where it has demonstrated its work ethic and good business sense by delivering on time, within budget, and passing full quality checks..

Vision & Mission Statement


AG Vision aims to be a leading provider of value-added development, construction, and technical management services to its clients everywhere, at exceptional standards backed by the company’s top-tier workforce and longstanding relationships with its diverse trade partners.

Mission Statement

We are committed to the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects of managing our operations and implementing our projects; covering international environmental standards, universal work ethic standards, and social/community involvement.
We provide a safe and reliable work environment for our personnel across all levels of the organizational structure; helping them excel at delivering impeccable end products while demonstrating high-quality workmanship on the job.
We strive to maintain and enrich our network of partnerships spanning our suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and all professional associates; hence upholding the industry norms of transparency and ethical practices in all angles of conducting our business.
We always aim at exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of value-for-money and gaining their trust through presenting fairly, competitively structured deals.
Our management strategy emphasizes attention to detail and professionalism; we focus on delivering the adequate balance of resources in catering for individual client needs and particular project requirements, an aspect which we believe ensures the longevity of our presence in the industry especially through repeat and referral business.


Head Office, Nigeria

AG Vision Construction’s Head Office is located right at the heart of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and one of the biggest commercial and economic hubs in Africa and the Middle East. AG Vision Construction has also maintained a representative office in its hometown Beirut.

Beirut, Lebanon

AG Vision construction SAL – We have always maintained a presence in Beirut where we continue to serve the public and private sectors with top edge innovative solutions and high-end quality deliverables.

AG Vision Construction

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